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  1. You may never have met us, but if you ride a bike in London, we’re always with you. We’re the Cycling Solicitors and we stand up for cyclists in London. If you get knocked off your bike or fall down a pothole, we’ll help you get compensation in court,

    We’re even working to get potholes filled in before they hurt someone. To find out how the Cycling Solicitors can help you, give us a bell on O20 7490 1888 or email us now.
    Or report a pothole here.

  2. Who We Are


    We are solicitors who cycle, based in Hackney. One of us, Tom Reynolds, has one practical bike; the other, Mike Macdonald, has many less practical bikes. We both ride to work. As cyclists and as solicitors, we’ve realised that London’s cyclists get a very raw deal, and no one is

    doing anything about it. We’re going to stand up for cyclists. We’re going to use the law to do it. We’re the Cycling Solicitors. If you want to talk to us, send us an email, or call us on 020 7490 1888.

    Who Have We Stood Up For?


    These are just a few of London cyclists the Cycling Solicitors have helped when they’ve been knocked off their bike. Legal regulations mean we have to keep them anonymous, but their cases – and the

    damages they received – are absolutely real. If you’d like to find out more about the people we’ve helped, email us or call us on
    020 7490 1888.



    Jake is a musician. One day he was cycling along the Embankment in London when he was knocked off his bike by a passing coach. He suffered a fractured shoulder. The coach did not stop, but we managed to take his claim to the Motor Insurer’s Bureau. Jake was awarded £28,500.



    Karen was knocked off her bike when a car suddenly turned left directly across her path. She suffered soft tissue injuries to her neck and low back and extensive bruising and lacerations (right knee, right calf, right hip, left thigh, right elbow, right foot). We recovered £10,535 for Karen.



    Joanna was riding along in a cycle lane when a Honda Civic decided to drive on the wrong side of the road and straight into her. Joanna was lucky. Her injuries weren’t as serious as they could have been, but she was still hurt. She suffered a cut to the face, a chipped tooth and general bruising. She was awarded £4,750.



    Francesca was hit by an oncoming car and thrown from her bike. She suffered a fractured wrist and extensive bruising to her right thigh, right leg, knees and a cut chin. The fractured wrist was fixed with a plate and screws leaving a 12cm scar. We recovered £6,500 for Francesca.

    Meet The Cycling Solicitors


    Tom Reynolds

    BA (Hons)

    “I’ve been cycling In London since I was tiny, and a solicitor for almost as long. I’ve taken care of hundreds of personal accident and personal injury cases, but I rarely see cyclists standing up for themselves. That’s what we’ve set up the Cycling Solicitors to do.”


    Mike Macdonald

    BA (Hons)

    “I video my ride to work in London every day. It makes horrific viewing. That’s why I want to use the law to protect cyclists, and to punish people who harm us through no fault of our own. That’s my aim for the Cycling Solicitors.”

  3. What We Do


    According to TfL’s own figures, one London bike journey in every 135 ends in a casualty*. So, statistically speaking, anyone who cycles to and from work regularly is going to suffer a casualty around four times a year. (It doesn’t matter how good a cyclist you are. If it can happen to Wiggo, Cav and Shane Sutton, then it can happen to you.) The Cycling Solicitors are putting an end to the culture that allows

    people to knock cyclists off their bikes with impunity. We’re doing it by hitting them where it hurts: in their pocket. * According to TfL report “Cycling Casualties in Greater London – 2010”, there were 4,007 cycling casualties as a result of collisions. According to TfL “Traffic in London Report 4”, there were 540,000 journeys that involved a cycle stage in 2010. The figure is 540,000 divided by 4,007, rounded up.

    The Cycling Solicitors believe every cyclist who is knocked of his or her bike through no fault of their own should make a claim against the person or organisation to blame. We are experienced in personal accident claims, so have the expertise to take that action for you. If you are knocked off your bike by a car, the driver shouldn’t be able

    to just get away with it. If your bike or your bones are broken because there’s a pothole in the road that no one has mended, then the people responsible should be punished. You should be compensated. It’s your right – and it’s the only way to change people’s behaviour.

    When we say we stand up for cyclists, we mean it.  We believe the people who harmed you should pay. So when the Cycling Solicitors take your case on, we will do so on the basis of what is called a “Conditional Fee Agreement”. This means that you do not pay us anything unless we are successful on your behalf.

    The Cycling Solicitors believe that you should receive all of the damages that you are rightly entitled to.

    The Cycling Solicitors will also cover the cost of any up-front expenses of the initial investigation.

    The Cycling Solicitors are on your side.

    If you want to talk to us about anything, send us an email or call us on 020 7490 1888.

    We are regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority No. 469380

    Solicitors Regulation Authority

    We are members of the PNLA Professional Negligence Lawyers Association

    PNLA Professional Negligence Lawyers Association

    We are members of the Law Society.

    The Law Society

    We are members of APIL
    (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers)

    Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

  4. Report A Pothole


    WE’RE SICK OF POTHOLES! So if you report one to us, the Cycling Solicitors will use our legal skills to take it up with the people responsible, and to make them do something

    about it. We’ll even tell you what’s being done. Please use this form or send us a email to to let us know. (You can share a picture of the pothole with us too if you have one).


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  5. Our Blog


    3 Rules and 100 junctions

    Posted by Mike on 29.01.2014

    Maybe the first thing to do is to look at the London Transport better Junctions Review , there are 100 of them and if you cycling through one of these junctions, then make a note and follow the 3 best practice safety guides you can. Make a real effort to think – if TFL list this junction is dangerous, I will be extra aware! Then follow these 3 Rules from London Cycling Campaign: 1) Avoid cycling in the front of left lorry risk zone 2) Wide gaps between a lorry and pavement are not safe 3) take care if you slip in front of a lorry.

    hgv zone

    Bicycle Film Festival

    Posted by Tom on 01.10.2013

    Barbican logo
    Bicycle Film Festival 2013 image
    Bicycle Film Festival 2013
    4–6 Oct, Cinema 2
    After a decade in London, the Bicycle Film Festival rolls back to our screens for another incredible line-up of features, short films and documentaries.

    Highlights include the ever-popular Urban Bike Shorts, featuring stories about amputee brothers chasing their BMX dreams, three female couriers in London and a postman in Afghanistan. We’ve also got a screening of recent hit, Wajdja, and a film about the lonely life of a young championship rider.

    Well Done Mike

    Posted by Tom on 11.09.2013

    And at last time to refuel, nice t shirt ……..well done Mike!

    Mike's Corsica 2013 pictures 021

    Pit Stop

    Posted by Mike on 20.07.2013

    Here I am on a pit stop in the shade at The Tour de France in Corsica, think by this stage we had out raced the local TV film crew…..


    Mike & The Tour de France Corsica

    Posted by Tom on 18.07.2013

    This is us at the start of the The Tour de France in Corsica and the local TV network sent out a Camera crew to follow us!” Have a closer look at the race @ Best of Cycling.comMike's Corsica 2013 pictures 076

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