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Posted by Tom on 21.06.2017

Oto’s great for coffee and cake

Try before you buy

Posted by Tom on 02.11.2015

Hackney are offering residents a try before you buy scheme for just £10. Once registered you can borrow a bike, lock, lights, helmet, child seat and more for one month hire for £10. After the month you can either return the bike and stuff you hired or buy it at a discount. Full details at www.cycleexperience.com/hackneycycleloan

Blaze Laserlights

Posted by Tom on 15.10.2015

Cyclists to make them more visible to drivers is being tested in London on the Boris bikes.

The Blaze Laserlight trial involves 250 Boris Bikes for hire, with the front light built into the frame.

It aims to increase cyclists’ safety by giving them more visible.

Let’s hope this makes cycling safer.Blaze laserlight

Bike Register a great way to beat bike thieves!

Posted by Mike on 03.04.2014

Its a national scheme that has helped cyclists in Hackney and it is very simple. You mark your bike so that any opportunistic thieves think its going to be harder to sell on. Then if you do get your bike stolen you have a chance of someone getting it back to you. You can get the products on line or look out for marking events run by the police. Follow Bike register on twitter for update! Simple.

bike reg

“Cycling shouldn’t Hurt”

Posted by Mike on 29.03.2014

Part of our work here looking after Cyclists is looking at images very similar to those in the new book being developed called “Cycling shouldn’t Hurt” by Neil Grayshon. These images are hard viewing, they show how cyclist bodies and lives are changed by simply trying to ride a bike to get from A to B. Neil Grayson’s view is that much of the media focus on statistics and headlines and not individual stories. With these images you cannot help but see the person, imagine their lives and how they will be changed by the bike accident. So if you are going to Spin take time out of all the fun stuff and take a moment to look at Grayshon images. Maybe they could change how society sees cyclists and how we need change on our roads and maybe one way of doing that is documenting each accident and life – one person at a time.


Big Pedal 3rd – 14th March

Posted by Tom on 13.02.2014

Big Pedal  – Follow link and find out how to get involved! bigpedal

3 Rules and 100 junctions

Posted by Mike on 29.01.2014

Maybe the first thing to do is to look at the London Transport better Junctions Review , there are 100 of them and if you cycling through one of these junctions, then make a note and follow the 3 best practice safety guides you can. Make a real effort to think – if TFL list this junction is dangerous, I will be extra aware! Then follow these 3 Rules from London Cycling Campaign: 1) Avoid cycling in the front of left lorry risk zone 2) Wide gaps between a lorry and pavement are not safe 3) take care if you slip in front of a lorry.

hgv zone

Bicycle Film Festival

Posted by Tom on 01.10.2013

Barbican logo
Bicycle Film Festival 2013 image
Bicycle Film Festival 2013
4–6 Oct, Cinema 2
After a decade in London, the Bicycle Film Festival rolls back to our screens for another incredible line-up of features, short films and documentaries.

Highlights include the ever-popular Urban Bike Shorts, featuring stories about amputee brothers chasing their BMX dreams, three female couriers in London and a postman in Afghanistan. We’ve also got a screening of recent hit, Wajdja, and a film about the lonely life of a young championship rider.

Well Done Mike

Posted by Tom on 11.09.2013

And at last time to refuel, nice t shirt ……..well done Mike!

Mike's Corsica 2013 pictures 021

Pit Stop

Posted by Mike on 20.07.2013

Here I am on a pit stop in the shade at The Tour de France in Corsica, think by this stage we had out raced the local TV film crew…..


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