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Bike Register a great way to beat bike thieves!

Posted by Mike on 03.04.2014

Its a national scheme that has helped cyclists in Hackney and it is very simple. You mark your bike so that any opportunistic thieves think its going to be harder to sell on. Then if you do get your bike stolen you have a chance of someone getting it back to you. You can get the products on line or look out for marking events run by the police. Follow Bike register on twitter for update! Simple.

bike reg

“Cycling shouldn’t Hurt”

Posted by Mike on 29.03.2014

Part of our work here looking after Cyclists is looking at images very similar to those in the new book being developed called “Cycling shouldn’t Hurt” by Neil Grayshon. These images are hard viewing, they show how cyclist bodies and lives are changed by simply trying to ride a bike to get from A to B. Neil Grayson’s view is that much of the media focus on statistics and headlines and not individual stories. With these images you cannot help but see the person, imagine their lives and how they will be changed by the bike accident. So if you are going to Spin take time out of all the fun stuff and take a moment to look at Grayshon images. Maybe they could change how society sees cyclists and how we need change on our roads and maybe one way of doing that is documenting each accident and life – one person at a time.


Problems end in Solutions

Posted by Tom on 27.02.2014

33 junction

Here is an image of the 33 junctions that the London Assembly are going to spend 300m on. Its needed as 80% of London cyclist said they felt less safe on the roads. So lets get behind the engineers and designers who are working to solve these complex issues. There  is a hope that really good design often makes a complex problem into a simple and beautiful solution. So when these new London junctions are up and running Cycling Solicitors are going to go out a photograph them as works of art – that save lives and save our planet by getting the people of London on their bikes in mighty numbers and feeling safer! Follow the engineers and designers the link between the problem and the solution – and lets hope it works!

Big Pedal 3rd – 14th March

Posted by Tom on 13.02.2014

Big Pedal  – Follow link and find out how to get involved! bigpedal

If you need a coach – attach one to your bike

Posted by Tom on

One of the best ways to keep fit is to get cycling and having kids can slow you down but it doesn’t need to stop you. Events like Sustrans  Big Petal and all the amazing kit to help get you on the move with your children are here to help create a generation of cycling kids that grow into fitter, greener and hopefully happy adults. Great place to get reviews and tips on family cycling the Bike Hub. A featured product and old faithful is the Co-Pilot Kids Limo Child Seat. Show your kids this kids Decathlon Racer – this bike is the “carrot” or the asperation to any little kid on thier parents bike – so kids sit quietly, enjoy the view while your mum and dad get their cycling time and it might end in a bike of your own!

Big Pedal / 14th March 2014  – fun for all and help spread the word – Pedal power is best.kid seat.peg.

A Game with depth

Posted by Mike on 06.02.2014

Harcourt Bike Polo looks fast and fun. The rules of game are each teams has three players, the first to five points wins and you must not put your feet down! Any contact must be like to like, bike to bike or mallet to mallet or body to body. The sport has a long  history and was first played in 1891. If you want to see a match then keep an eye out in Hackney Downs or get more info from London Hard Court Bike Polo Association. It is another way to use your bike and so we think it is cool!  In this film on of the world championships they call it a “game with depth”!


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