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New Map Flags

Posted by Tom on 06.03.2014

new flags

We have two new map flags on the way………we still care about reporting pot holes but we also care about how good and safe our junctions are for cyclist. So our new flags will highlight the 33 new junctions being re designed by TFL and any other junction we feel needs to be approached with care by cyclist and motorists – especially HGV’s. Lets hope the newly designed 33 junctions work and that what we learn about “design safety” on our roads can be added to all the dangerous junction is London!

Problems end in Solutions

Posted by Tom on 27.02.2014

33 junction

Here is an image of the 33 junctions that the London Assembly are going to spend 300m on. Its needed as 80% of London cyclist said they felt less safe on the roads. So lets get behind the engineers and designers who are working to solve these complex issues. There  is a hope that really good design often makes a complex problem into a simple and beautiful solution. So when these new London junctions are up and running Cycling Solicitors are going to go out a photograph them as works of art – that save lives and save our planet by getting the people of London on their bikes in mighty numbers and feeling safer! Follow the engineers and designers the link between the problem and the solution – and lets hope it works!

Give Way for City Cyclists

Posted by Mike on 30.01.2014

TFL are widening cycle lanes at junctions and investing in the super highway, which is great. This mean that at junctions it is much clearer that this space is for cyclists but it end up being a hugely ambiguous space, you are ending up with a compromise which maybe good in other areas but not in road safety. No one really has a clue who has priority and who doesn’t. This means the rules of road don’t work, there is nothing in the highway code telling drivers how to handle junctions with 2.5m wide bike lanes next to them. If we were in Montreal or New York, there would be a great big sign telling motorists turning left to give way to cyclists carrying on straight ahead. Here is the sign and a picture of how it works follow @citycyclists and help campaign for safer roads.

left turn lightsjpeg

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